Oh darling how I’ve called

Within these nightmares

Oh figment of light

from these terrors

I could only dream

To be the apple of your eye

The poisoned one

That lays a slumbering spell sublime

A sleep of love pure and deep

How I’ve called

To tempt even if just a little

I can only beg

for a sole soft nibble

Grant me be the juice of said bite

the drop that drizzles off lips delight

Cascading slowly down your chest

caressing each step of you, undressed

How I’ve called from this high

Yet you have no knowledge of apples

Not a clue of hungering paradise

How I’ve begged from this branch

The flower of young summer tune

a fruit beneath late summer moon

How I’ve called

How I’ve called

Fallen here on the barren ground

where the comfortless cold creeps ‘round

Rotting flesh consuming brown

From this hell

I call for you

I call for you

My love, this ghost

Begs for you

©PseudoBop 2017 All rights reserved.

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