Wrapped there in a blanket of night

without a single star in sight

Your pale skin, opaque in spite

The glimmer of sex from this night

already a sloping descend

How dare you try to love these thorns

to think you managed to please me more

When only you touched a film of debris

Despite that touch I mute your plea

That unless, blanked across your face

a sadness I warned you not to chase

Now rivers falling from up high

and the clouds found within your eye

this sky to cry for a measly lie

while this blanket once drenched in lust

weighs heavy a sorrowing hope without trust


Boy in water of sky and tear

fade away, only in mind appear


Around this time, I think of thee

planted there in bare feet

cold water, and a climbing defeat

what now, what do you think of me


©PseudoBop 2017 All rights reserved.

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