Her hold like a climbing vine

amongst stone intertwined

A foliage that covers to hide

the battle beneath the climb

Where yellow petals fallen

scattered vast twin of Orion

Covering the morning damp ground

Hidden amidst this grip, bound

silent dark blue blooms unsound

Telling a quiet story to those who listen

A forgiving tree

A splitting trunk that glistens

A protruding limb

black battered and by lighting crowned

From this branch, a canopy

a birth sprouting up to the brim

In this aged arm still holding Saturn

epiphytes of twisting ferns

Vine and tree that draw life

from vein like streams

River flows so alive

beside a drinking crane

who’s tongue, unnoticed corrosion

warping like barbed wire.

Glistening the rays of light chosen

From a tender sun rising higher

in this hand that I’m holding


©PseudoBop 2017 All rights reserved.

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