Candles ablaze in the darkness of the night

when only you are looking at their luminous bright

Shine inside a firing sin of hymn fitting within just right


Poems melting to wax

like the tune oozes from the sax

Amongst the murky bubbles of a swamp who chooses

a flower tangled by the nightshade


like the lamb who drools at such bending sight

and the twirling murk cradling its leg with might

now racks its tears with black engulfment

leaving only swimming the romance of such brain


a flickering screen that drags at night

wide owl eyes stuck to glue like seams of mucus

like fireworks in beautiful destruction despite

this bursting sheen will ignite the light behind the sight

and the rams horizontal stare

amongst rectangle coffins it glares


melted there is the reminiscence of said wax

and lying next to it

all corpses who found hope

in its temporary flare



©PseudoBop 2017 All rights reserved.

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