Fastened to my heart

You came to me as pyrite

I couldn’t consider you a fool

I believed that together

we could withdraw into love

Not to exist utterly as mass

but to rest amidst loves density

Except your heart is lost

Believing in a raised sight

whereas chasing a sunken view

Beholding the birds slipping by

on their own journey they disappear

Pining your own liberation


To you in yesterday gone I expire

Present here my touch null

Quietly applying a feather and a kiss

while you tear them from the opposite wing

Foolish little gold bird

don’t you see

that love liberates

and sets you free

Can you not find that with me

go on just soar away please


Yet I too am stuck here

in the moping of your fear

You refuse to unhinge

yet still removing yourself

tearing my flesh apart

and leaving my heart in rags

I’ll still take these ribbons

in tears and with kisses

adhering them to your wings

For I hope to see you fly

Even if I am to watch


©PseudoBop 2018 All rights reserved.

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