Is it demon or angel

susurrating images of you into my spirit

Gulping smoke along salt and ash

Does there remain rational reasons to care

about fights between gods and monsters

Do we propose to elect either,

the private gods we contain within

or cherished monstrous deeds

A myth that exalts crumbs

We are but clay into bone

not porcelain or saint-honey

Dripping magma from no comb

In an apple we are no god just worm

where we allow hunger be the monster

For death we work and are delivered

Still the angels and demons

leave their deities and swarm to us

Together we can be soft hell

and violent heaven

dripping in laughter-syrup

vomit of the sprites about



©PseudoBop 2018 All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “SPRITE SUGAR

    1. Fundamental. Thak you for reading ❤


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