I cherish life

because something is holding a knife

(maybe me)

on my neck

like a necklace

I care for my sanity

because hurtful words

rattle a manic bluet

in my brain

I remember to breath

as my emotions wring my throat

and my feet dangle in midair

Its ok to cry

when all I want to do is disappear

I don’t run away

even as my fears

grow to irrational heights

I won’t quit

because the phobia of giving up

is greater than giving in

I won’t hurt you

won’t take an eye

just keep mine

I promise to not blame myself

it’s a lie

I do,

but I fight it

I will love

like I have loved

like I do love

like I want to love

loving myself

loving you

©PseudoBop 2018 All rights reserved.


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