Tsrui Tuso


You can be who you are meant to be.

fullsizeoutput_319PseudoBop is a journey. It is self-discovery and self-recovery. Here you will find works which amplify that which make us human. This is a ceremony and song that call to unwind, unravel and define. An attempt to grow in loneliness. An attempt to grow in sorrow. An attempt to grow in suffering; ultimately, an attempt to grow in gratitude. Welcome to PseudoBop, if you’re Soul-searching or soul-enriching enjoy this moment and thank you for forming part of this ritual, where feelings are the sacrifice and who you are meant to be is the outcome.

IMG_4946-1 copy

Tsurui Tuso prefers to consider himself a crazy plant lady who also likes cats and tea. Tuso hails from the Atlantic Southeast, with roots from Nicaragua and Mexico. He is a minimalist who is obsessed with the way the clouds drift. An old soul with youthful energy who puts an emphasis on understanding people and being able to sympathize with no matter who. This must stem from the feeling of never really being who he is. Carrying an inner yearning to be something else, something more.


Tuso created PseudoBop in an attempt to make a genuine connection with those who listen. It’s the listeners who are too searching for gratitude within and beyond themselves. Here he wishes to resonate with you in hope of aiding you to find yourself in this tune. Once again welcome to PseudoBop. More at PseudoBop

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